Charles is a classically trained actor. He attended the Drama School of London and apprenticed at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. He performed in over seventy five plays before turning to the corporate and entertainment world. Charles has performed in over five hundred corporate videos for companies such as Sun Microsystems, Apple, IBM and others. He has won awards for his work as host, narrator, whacky scientist, sam spade, scrooge and a host of other characters.

Charles played Michael Douglas' father in "The Game" and the whacky Arnie the Dinosaur in "Nine Months" with Tom Arnold and Hugh Grant. Charles was the assistant museum curator with John Voight in "Ishi". Charles has played a hundreds of characters from police men to news anchors to thugs in various TV shows and was the host in the pilot for the Classical Music Channel. Charles has appeared in three episodes of Nash Bridges and has been seen in multiple episodes of Midnight Caller and other TV shows shot in San Francisco.


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